Our brands and our partners' collections

On our website we rappresent our own products but also our partners'. We developed al the designs and materials for our partners as a service. Navigate through the collections to find the brand you are supporting or for discover something new you may like.

Soleyl space collection

Soleyl Sand Plain collection

Soleyl art collection

  • Soleyl's Brands

    We are a group of designers, product developers and creatives people. We develope our brands and collections based on our passions, news facts, fashion, and trends.

  • Product as a Service

    We put our skills, vision and, we hope, talent; at disposal to selected partner companies. We interpretate the brand and the community they rappresent, and develop products and apparel on their behalf.

  • Partners' Products

    If you are here to find the collection of a specific company we are partnering with, you can find it in the collections page. In our ecosystem communities of a specific company can discover other brand projects.